Do the Science Samba: Integrating the Grade 6 Dance and Science Curriculum

“World of Dances.” Location: Yale University. Dancer: Lea Winter Photographer: Kike Calvo. National Geographic

Science is a subject that should have students doing hands-on experiments, collaborative inquiry, and lots of fun discussion. There’s a time and place for reading the textbook for foundation building but it should not be the only thing you’re doing. What better way to get students up, working in groups, and laughing than through doing some Science and Dance activities?

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Explore Movement and Nature with a Grade 3 Four Seasons Dance Unit

The Masque of the Four Seasons
“The Masque of the Four Seasons” Walter Crane

Dance can be a fun and freeing way for students communicate their ideas and feelings. I’ve created a short unit for a grade 3 class that is very easy to do because it deals with a topic that every student should know something about: the seasons! Students have to go outside every day, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to take what they know about how nature changes throughout the year and put it into a movement piece.

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