Becoming a Google Certified Educator: What you Need to Know


I recently took the 3-hour certification exam to become a Google Certified Educator (level 1). It was a rigorous exam and certainly mentally exhausting, but at the end of the day I’m glad I did it because it will make me a better teacher. Not that you NEED technology to get students to learn, but it’s always helpful to have more tools in your toolbox, right? This is something I recommend all teachers who want to become more confident in their tech skills and stay competitive.

The Certification shows that your proficiency in Google apps for education such as Forms, Sheets, and Classroom to potential employers and your professional network. You can get more detailed information about the certifications in general here, but I wanted to describe to you my experience getting the Level 1 certification.

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Make learning contagious!

Contagious learning quote

Many people, including myself, hated taking math in school. One of the primary reasons I’ve heard from others and from students to this day is they don’t find what they’re learning relatable or that it doesn’t apply to “real life”.

Now, I don’t think that everything you learn about has to relate to a direct practical skill you need. Many of the skills you learn in multiple school subjects, math included, are critical thinking and problem solving skills you’ll be able to apply to other areas of your life. No you might not need to use Euclidean geometry during your day-to-day activities, but learning it has helped you acquire skills you may not realized. Continue reading