Listen to your Heart (and the Teacher): Developing Student Listening Skills

The above teacher meme is facetious, but nonetheless an accurate portrayal of what happens in many classrooms. Listening is a vital life skill and unfortunately, large amounts of students for a variety of reasons are not strong listeners.  Now I’m not here to speculate about why students may be poor listeners, and I’m certainly not going to give the cop-out excuse of the prevalence of technology because let’s not kid ourselves here, children have been getting distracted long before tablets and smartphones came on the scene. What I am here to do is discuss some suggestions of what we can do to help students become better listeners, and thus better communicators and citizens.

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It’s a Draft, not an Illuminated Manuscript: Making Revision Less Scary for Students



Eight-year-old Dominic has been entrusted with a most sacred and important task. Through a combination of inspiration from the heavenly Muses and his own memory, he must craft an account that will be preserved throughout the ages. All the writing is divinely inspired; there can be no room for error. Heaven forbid one thing be erased, changed, or altered from its original form. The time to finish his task is nigh. There must be no hesitation. What is this fantastic task?

Constructing a descriptive paragraph about his family’s trip to the water park in his writing journal.

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